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Commission Projects

Every public and private commission piece has always started out with the notion to create something unique...

Be it a solution to a functional or aesthetic problem (or both) we take an integrated approach to design and execution.

Context and space are considered when drawing up plans especially those involving large scale installation. Taking inspiration from all factors, including landscape, existing design features and structural elements affecting or contributing to the final outcome. 

These kinds of projects require a very personal, empathetic approach to design and application, drawing on Adams extensive experience as manager and structural designer of industrial construction.

Sandridge Estate is an events and accommodation venue (on Tasmania's North West Coast) and the location of one of our favourite outdoor sculptures, 'The Open Air Chapel'. The design took into consideration the pitch of the [iconic] function shed's roof and other rustic design features like patina, ratio and workmanship, in order to deceive the audience into thinking the new structure was period.  Mimicking and emulating old design elements throughout the piece to ensure the end result was appropriate. Designed to fit around native grasses and sit comfortably in its surroundings.  This open Air chapel was quite literally made to fit the landscape, with underground footings individually cut to suit. Now a functional sculpture, used as an outdoor wedding chapel and events space over looking the gorgeous ridge 

Sandridge Estate, Boat Harbour. 

Boscobel House was another memorable project for Ad's Fab's Tasmania. Being a historical house in Ulverstone, it was imperative that we design a balustrade fitting to the age and significance of the site. When considering the direction, we were inspired by a historical story shown to us by its current occupants. One that involved a small royal prince who hid up an old oak tree in England. We were informed that the tree's at Boscobel were descendants of that very oak tree in the story. We knew this had to be acknowledged in the work. As a nod to history,  the detailing on the balustrade included hundreds of small oak leaves and nuts attached to the bar work. Finished with gold forged numbers (year of build) and an embellished letter B for namesake. 

Functional Art, continuing to be enjoyed by guests staying at this exquisite 

Bed and Breakfast @ Boscobel House, Ulverstone.

Free-Standing Cantilever  Structure, Penguin a fete of engineering and skill. This stunning home on Tasmania's North West required an add on multilevel structure to the exterior (for shade louvers). Unfortunately the design and materials did not lend itself to have any holes or fixtures attached to the outside of the home, so for years this client struggled to find anyone willing or able to solve this issue... until he came across Ad's Fab's Tasmania. With precision, Adam calculated angles and overcame design challenges and logistical issues. With limited access, the 6m high construction had to be assembled onsite without the aid of truck cranes and held into place with stainless steel turnbuckles and wire. Powder coated red and white, this nautical inspired addition to the home is an artistic solution that is now a beacon on the rocky shoreline of

Penguin, in Tasmania's North West.  

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